Clinton Lake Photoshoot

Today I spent several hours out by Clinton Lake taking photos for my black and white photoclass. Being a little over anxious to see how they would turn out, I took some with my 2 megapixel phone camera. The clouds were in rare form today. Enjoy!

Watching Ponyo, english dubs, modeling in rhino, life doesn't get much better than this. The semester is nearing its end and I am looking forward to summertime hopefully getting to visit a few of my friends and get some things straightened out.
We're also working on finalizing our 183Canvas project by building the airbrush connection to our control. It'll only take an hour or so, but we just need to sit down and do it. Also the x-axis pulley is experiencing a large amount of slippage when it has to move slowly so we need to work on smoothing that connection out.


Camera Review: Cannon Powershot SD940 IS

This was the camera that I used for the entire trip. I purchased it two weeks before departure and destroyed it within one week of returning (thus the past tense). It was an excellent model that I would highly recommend.

It took great, photos in nearly every situation. I think that many people rarely use their snap and shoot cameras to their full potential, never switching off of the automatic settings. Get out the manual and read through it several times and you'll be surprised at the amount of technology they pack into these things. This camera's size combined with the image quality made for an incredible travelling camera. This fits behind a credit card and is about 5/8th of an inch thick. That is small. I could easily take it anywhere I was going and never felt like I was being weighted down by it at all.


I suppose this is a little late in coming, but I feel the need to sum up my past semester study abroad experience in a few paragraphs and photos (and several months after the event) is marginally difficult. But I shall try. It all started with a week in London, seeing all the big sites, a few soccer matches, and of course a trip out to Stonehenge (and the Roman Baths and Windsor Castle) all with my good friend Nick Allen (yes we were a pair of Nicks travelling together).

We stayed in hostels on either side of Hyde Park, which turned out to be a pretty neat place with huge ammounts of grass with Londoners out running, walking their dogs, or enjoying the sunny weather. We didn't go up in the London Eye, but we walked along the Thames and all over the city. We saw some cool architecture by Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, and Richard Rogers.

The soccer matches were absolutely worth the tickets, in the beautiful Wembley Stadium where we (as young architects) enjoyed the architecture as much as the game. The tour of England was one of those packaged deals, 90 pounds for a 12 hour day where they would bus you to and from these sites. It turned out to be a lot of in-bus time and not as much on site time as we would have liked. Windsor was worth spending an entire day exploring around. Stonehenge about thirty minutes to an hour is enough because they won't let you walk up closer than 30 meters. The Roman Baths were extremely disappointing in that there wasn't as much to see there.


my latest mix: Sunny D for my Honey B

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Neutral Milk Hotel
No You Don't Islands
Henrietta The Fratellis
Match Box The Kooks
Mouthwash Kate Nash
Burning The Whitest Boy Alive
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs
True Affection The Blow
Red and Purple The Dodos
Is This Love? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Is It True That Boys Don't Cry Bleech
True False/Fake Real Hercules and Love Affair
Parentheses The Blow
King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 Neutral Milk Hotel


Our First (almost) Full Test

We have a full 2.0 working axis and are now working on finishing up the last .5 with the Z control, the basic marker on/off switch.


Welcome to My Eyes

What I hope to have here is a representation of things that I am interested in and/or have created.