Sometimes I look at buildings strangely....this is why:

For a while now I've been interested in the sport of Parkour, or as it is known to some as free running. Maybe it was because of the excellent intro to Casino Royale that had Daniel Craig and Sebastien Foucan leaping over and under and around a construction zone, or maybe I have always had a strong desire to climb up anything I can find. Several summers ago, a few friends and I took a weekend day to go and 'practice' which meant running around playgrounds and exploring abandoned parking garages. Since then I've had much more architecture school, which has opened my mind to the built world and looking back now at parkour I see something that opens up our minds to what is feasably a path through a city. I think the above video sums it up amazingly and someday I hope to go to the JIYO park (and any of the BIG projects as well)

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